petek, 01. oktober 2010


it was my birthday on tuesday

finaly i got my birthday cake :D

i got new nail polishes :D jeeej :P

i love my new holo polishes :D

3 komentarji:

  1. wow!
    your cake looks soooooooo cute!
    i bet it tastes good too

    love the nails
    the holographic polish looks sooooooooo nice!
    i haven't seen holographic polish here in the philippines yet

  2. yes, the cake was really good :)
    as for the polishes: those are my first holos too. I had to do a lot of searching just to find a shop where they sell them :/ but it was wotrh it :P

  3. Awh still I want to tell you happy birthday girl!
    And what a lovely cake you got there :) I love it!

    Maybe you can visit me back?



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