petek, 15. oktober 2010

yummy :P

mmm  :)

I'm gonna make this :D  as soon as I get better!

it may be good..

yummy chocolate mousse *-*

i would eat that too :P

I know it's a little bit early for valentine but... this is what my bf is getting this year :P

good idea :D

oh yes, lollipops

interesting :)

some very interesting things :)

fascinating! the firt one is sexy :P

I wanna make this :D

yeeey homemade playdough :D

this one is LOL

laaaaavaa lamp :D

petek, 01. oktober 2010


it was my birthday on tuesday

finaly i got my birthday cake :D

i got new nail polishes :D jeeej :P

i love my new holo polishes :D