ponedeljek, 28. junij 2010

reader apreciation giveaway

yes, it seems like i'm obsessed by giveaways today :) i just can't stop..even when i want to stop, close mozila and go to sleep i see another giveaway in the sidebar of a page..and here we go again :)
 this is a giveaway by 4BrooksDesign from Concrete and nail polish..and here's a picture of the prize


also known as giveaway

since i don't have anything better to do (actually i should be studying because i've got an exam on tuesday) i'm looking for new giveaways...and i've found another one :)
this is a giveaway by Also known as from Kelliegonzo

the prize is:


nedelja, 27. junij 2010

hello kitty giveaway

Iris from pimp my nails is having her 200-followers hello kitty giveaway..the giveaway is international and you have time till 20th of July to enter..

the picture of the prize:


imperfectly painteds birthday giveaway

imperfectly painted is having a giveaway.. it's an international giveaway..so if i win i hope there won't be any problems with the shipping-shipping from America isn't that cheap here and it can also cost more than the prize itself :(
anyway...here's the picture of the giveaway

oooh how cute! Joyce is having her first giveaway and the prizes are sooo cute :) 

and here are also some pictures of  the prize


babbling brookes big 2nd birthday

babbling brooke has a giveaway for her 2nd birthday with LOTS of prizes :) and i would love to win them :)
There will be ten winners total and the value of all prizes is $648 (42 nail polishes in all). if that isn't great then i don't know what it is :)


nubar california dremin giveaway

another giveaway...the prizes are:
The entire California Dreamin' Collection of six bright shimmer polishes.
A bottle of 2010 flakie glitter topcoat.
Diamont Seal & Shine fast drying topcoat.
Six fashion nail files.
An orange wood stick.
Toe separators.
A beach ball.
A clear pink beach tote.
Flip flops for a beach outing or relaxing after a pedicure.

The contest runs through the end of the day July 1st. and is international.


red zebra

another zebra design..this time i did a silver and pink base coat and a red zebra...and everybody was looking at my nails and asking if they are pink or silver...and after looking at them a little bit closer they found out that they are both :) silver and pink :)

dotted french

i found some very old light blue (that looks like silver) polish and i was amazed that it hasn't dried out yet (it was just a cheap polish that i mislayed for about 2 years) and then i just drow some dark blue dots on..it turnes out pretty good


my first marble nails..silver,pink and purple..they were nothing special :/

red fancy

another attempt to do some kind of fancy nails..for the base coat i used coconut kiss from essence, red french and black stripes with blue glitter


i couldn't decide which design to make so i did both :) pads and some kind of fancy design...


another atempt to do my own acrylic nails..those also had green stars in but they can't be seen because of the purple polish

red french 2

coconut kiss (i would love to have another bottle of this) from essence, red french, black stripes and white dots

sobota, 26. junij 2010

pink leopard

light pink and a vivid pink with red and black leopard and some light pink dots

flames 2

another kind of flames...pink, black, silver in the middle and flowers made of glitter


acrylic nails with red french and cherrys made with konad


pink, black and i think it was some silver too..and silver glitter because i was crazy about glitter at that time :)

favourite zebra

my favourite design :) pink, yelow and green with black zebra..they looked so perfect for summer :)

zebra 4

a light silver foundation and a white zebra with white french tips


a light purple, dark purple and white stripes..and of course flowers so that the design wouldn't be so monotonous :)


i liked this red because it was such a nice colour..a little bit smimmer but not too much..just right :)

zebra 3

another zebra design :)

pink with flower

pink with (kinda) hawaiian flower

pink with dots

a realy light pink with red dots and white dots in the middle

acrylic hearts

they are nothing special...the thing was that i tried to make my own home-made acrylic hearts...but not made from acryl that is used to extend your nails but a normal acryl that you can buy in a stationer's shop..and they are not difficult to make but you have to wait like 24 hours so that they dry up


for carnival  (i always go on  carnival in Venice which is realy something special- i've been 5 times in a row now, so it's already some kind of tradition for me) i was a ladybug/ladybird..call it whatever you want for me is "pikapoka" (shorten for "pikapolonica") :)

zebra 2

white and black zebra design on light purple

corset nails

i love corsets :) they are so sexy and fancy and glamourous :) and i had to put them on my nails..and yes my nails really looked very fancy and sexy and i got a lot of commends :)

this was taken 1 minute before i removed them..in that week all my nails have broken (i was very uncareful and stroke against everything)

candy cane

i like candy canes (at least their look- i haven't tried them yet :)) and so i had to do a candy cane nail design :)
the red colourd was much more brighter as in the picture..and the stripes weren't straight but a little bit curved

red french

red french with white stripes..

and because they were a little bit "empty" i drow pink flowers on :)


i liked this design and i had to try it...unfortunately it didn't turn out that good :(  i tried to make it with a black alcohol marker over the pink polish but when i "put on" (sorry can't remember the right word at the moment) the top coat everything smudged :(
i bought the new nail art pen from essence and of course i had to try it right away :)  so i did just a simple design... i actually bought a white pen but it wouldn't be me if something didn't go wrong..and so the pen isn't white but silver (even if it's written on the pen that it's white)...but ok..i'll survive :)


just some white flowers (yes they are painted, not strickers) on black


extra pink and something like zebra design

dark blue

dark blue with silver dots and silver stripe...and since I got nail stickers for new year I had to try them :)

red french

red french and a white flower and stripe


something like flames.. pink+white+light pink silver

playboy bunny

playboy bunnys :) they were not painted and they were not stickers :) they were actually printed on a normal paper, coverd with white polish, cut out and then I just fixed them with some top coat polish...and they weren't so much standing out like it looks on the picture